The celebration of the 60th anniversary of Vidhana Soudha is seeing opposition from the Former Legislators Forum because of the proposed expenses. In light of the drought-like situation in the Southern states a few months back, the body said that it would send out a good message if the celebrations were simple and the food be served from the Indira canteens. 

This will not only cut down the budget from a whopping 27 crore to 10 crore, but will also help legislators decide on the quality of food that is being served to common man. The Forum also suggested planting of 60 saplings by each legislator in their respective districts. It also wrote letters to Assembly Speaker K B Koliwad on October 12 and to Council Chairman of D H Shankaramurthy to allow them to participate in the budgeting since they can also pose their views on how the celebrations should take place. 

The members of the Forum, however, say that they haven't received any reply from the legislators. Speaking to the New Indian Express, Forum general secretary Basavaraj H D said, "We had requested the Speaker and Chairman to consider our participation but we have not heard from them. We have had drought for the past four years and now we have had heavy rain. Both have cause a lot of inconvenience to the public. In such a situation it is not advisable to spend so much money.”

Forum president president H M Chandrashekharappa also said, "The 60th year celebration is not mandated. It is just an occassion. Only the 50th, 75th and 100th years are important. When APJ Abdul Kalam had visited, the celebrations were simple. Even former legislators’ contributions should be recognised for this occasion.”