Bengaluru rain fury: Politicians come to show their 'concern' but people are in no mood to listen

First Published 14, Oct 2017, 3:16 PM IST
CM siddaramaiah yeddyurappa and deve gowda visit rain hit areas
  • CM Siddaramaiah, BJP leader Yeddyurappa and JD(S) leader HD Deve Gowda visited rain-affected areas on Saturday
  • Residents took Siddaramaiah and Bengaluru in-charge minister KJ George to task for their plight
  • BJP offers Rs one lakh compensation to the family of priest Vasudev who washed away in the drain from SVK Layout

As Bengalureans are yet to come to terms with the unimaginable destruction unleashed by the last night's rain, politicians made a beeline to show their 'concern' for the affected families. But their lip-sympathy failed to move the people and instead received really angry reactions from the residents. Some were left reduced to tears as the top political leaders made their survey. 



Chief Minister Siddaramaiah visited Kurburahalli on Saturday where a woman along with her daughter had been washed away in the overflowing stormwater drain. It has been over 16 hours since they were washed away in the drain but so far, their bodies have not been traced. 


The family members took Siddaramaiah to task why he came to visit them, now. Expressing their anger, the family members said they have been going through a harrowing time as their relatives' bodies are still missing. Besides, the rain has wreaked havoc on their properties too.

When Siddaramaiah tried to console the family members saying that at least 150 personnel were trying to locate the bodies, they were in no mood to listen to his words.

Other rain-affected victims whom Siddaramaiah met showed him the damage to their properties and asked him to provide monetary relief at the spot. They were angry that the financial aid was being extended to only those who lost their kith and kin and nothing for those whose properties were destroyed due to rain.

Bengaluru in-charge minister KJ George came to Siddaramaiah's rescue with an assurance that the Revenue Department has already conducted a survey of low-lying areas and the houses that are in danger. Depending on the report, compensation would be released. Some of the residents asked him a mere Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 would be sufficient to rebuild their lives that have been destroyed by the rain? "Should we also die so that you could help our family?" the residents asked George. The rainwater stood at least four feet at many houses when Siddaramaiah visited in Kurubarahalli.

Later, it was the turn of Opposition BJP leaders. Led by BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa, Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda and BJP leader R Ashok visited the family of Vasudev, a priest in SVK Layout who was washed away in the drain. The BJP leaders reportedly gave a compensation of Rs one lakh to the victim's family.


Not to be left behind, JD(S) too visited the rain-hit areas. Party supremo HD Deve Gowda visited Vasudev's family and consoled them. He blamed it on the weather gods for being unkind on Bengalureans. He came down heavily on BJP leaders for taking political advantage of the situation. "Let us not bring politics here when people's life is at risk. Instead, they should suggest the government with some concrete solutions," said Gowda.