After bagging cleanest city tag for two consecutive years, Mysureans had hoped for a hat-trick this year too. But Indore in Madhya Pradesh has pushed Mysuru to fifth position to be the cleanest city in India. As per the swachh Bharat Survey conducted nationwide, the results were declared on Thursday. Indore was announced the cleanest city, while Gonda in UP as the filthiest.

In fact, Mysuru was the top contender this time too but the competition this year was tough. For, as many as 500 cities and towns were in race for the clean city tag contrary to just 73 cities in 2016. The Mysuru City Corporation had initiated effective waste management, waste segregation, construction of toilets – criteria for the survey – for all these years. Besides, the civic agency had also taken up door-to-door garbage collection, on-site composting of was strictly enforced at hostels and markets where huge quantity of waste is generated. Not just that. The civic agency with various organisations had been educating people on hygiene and keeping surroundings clean. In fact, it was not just the civic agency which ensured that the city retained the cleanest city tag twice earlier but the citizens too have played a pivotal role in keeping the city of palaces, clean. 

In fact, the tag has helped in boosting the tourism here. Every year, Mysuru Dasara attracts lakhs of people from worldwide. However, it could not retain the tag this year. The Mysuru City Corporation is now on a mission to find answers for the loss.