Former minister HY Meti (71) had resigned after a CD of him emerged, in which he was allegedly seen having sex with a woman in exchange for helping her. Meti has now been given a clean chit by the CID. Commentators say the move is no surprise, as the Siddaramaiah government have to face elections next year.

The CD apparently showed a man, believed to be the minister, with a woman (although her face was never revealed in the video), having sex. The original video, which was reportedly 30 minutes long, was reduced to just 30 seconds before being released to regional news channels.

Justifying the clean chit, the CID report stated that there was no complaint lodged against Meti in this regard.

"Hence, technically, there were no charges against him. Also, the victim, Vijaylakshmi, who was a government employee, has reportedly stated that Meti was a father-figure in her life," the CID told the media. 

It must be noted here that the victim did several U-turns on her statements - from accusing Meti to playing the victim card later and now stating that Meti was like her father. This has reportedly weakened the case considerably. Besides, the "missing" original video also went in favour of Meti.

The issue had caused much embarrassment to Siddaramaiah government forcing him to seek resignation from Meti to silence the Opposition parties.

It was RTI activist Rajashekhar Mulali who had claimed that he was in possession of the CD and had even expressed concern that his life was in threat. However, the CD made its way to the regional channels. When the issue snowballed into a controversy, Meti had stated that "Let them produce the video and prove the allegations."

The scandal had rocked the government after Education Minister Tanveer Sait was caught watching explicit images on his phone while attending the Tipu Jayanti.