The increasing cases of child abuse in the city is rather alarming. The anxiety deepens especially in the case of mentally and pphysically retarted children who are often the worst victims. But, the city has a solution now, which is both children-friendly and practical. With the efforts of Compassionate Clowns, the children here can now understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. 

Championed by Harish Bhuvan, the concept of the Compassionate Clowns is to prevent sexual crimes against children. He believes that this program will help children understand what should be done if they face such a situation. Talking about the recent incident of sexual assault in a Bellandur school, he explains, "The incident at the school shocked us all but it was the courage and presence of mind of one child that uncovered the truth. We had been working with children for a couple of years and felt the need to address this issue."

And how has he designed the curriculum? He says, "We have magic tricks, we have card games and we’re dancing. But first, there is a half an hour long training to go through. The session will be centred on the ‘No Go Tell’ mantra, which is telling no first, then exiting the spot or room and telling someone trustworthy." This, however, will not be possible without the proper training of the volunteers who will be required to create such scenarios playfully and teach the children to react to them.