Bangaloreans last year had witnessed a similar sinkhole incident on the Majestic stretch where a part of the road caved in. 


Even though the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) officials were quick to address the fears after it covered the sinkhole and gave an assurance of safety.


The fear but has come back to haunt the city as the two vehicles got struck in Chennai's Anna Salai Road on Sunday.


Residents, shopkeepers and motorists surrounding Chickpet, Avenue Road and Majestic surroundings are most worried.  

V Ravichandar, Urban Expert, opined that, when underground projects are taken up, there will be risks. 

"There is loose soil, cracks will develop on walls in nearby sites and that's the reality. The concerned engineers should check on such cracks and give assurance about safety, if there is any hint of danger, the public should be evacuated in short time and cover the sinks," he said.

What Bangaloreans fear the most getting struck in the sink and caved roads is increasing by the day.
"Last year, there was a big hole near Adigas Hotel near KG Road at Majestic. The BMRCL was informed and vehicle movement was stopped for a day to fill in mixed concrete and road was tarred again. But now with, bus and car falling in the sinkhole, we in Bengaluru also fear of similar incident," said Vijay Kumar, Public Relation Officer, Federation of Karnataka Chambers and Commerce and Industry.


Chandu Lal, a wholesale garment trader at Chickpet, who has shop in 500 meters from the sinkhole near KG Raod recalled the incident after he got picture of vehicle getting stuck in Chennai's Anna Salai Road where Metro Under Ground Work had taken place. 

"We hope nothing like that happens here as there are many shops and houses," he said.

However, the Metro engineers have assured about safety in the stretches of Metro Under Ground.

"We cannot predict future and say whether it will sink or not, but we are sure about perfect execution of work. All the precautionary measures have been taken, and commuters can ride on these stretches without any fear," said, Vasanth Rao, Public Relation Officer. BMRCL.