It is a good sign that the rain has taken a break for Deepavali and the public is all geared up for colourful celebration. Though the crackers’ noise has reduced considerably, due to awareness about environment pollution, they are not totally absent also. Hence here are some tips to have a safe Deepavali, reported Kannada Prabha. 

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has issued instructions that crackers should not be burst at night between 10 pm and 6 am. Sound systems are also banned from being used at night.  Crackers with over 125 decibel sound are banned from bursting.

Here are the 24/7 emergency helplines for Deepavali:

For eyes injury Minto Hospital has a special emergency unit ready.

Chamarajapete Minto Hospital : 080-26707176

Narayana Netralaya, Rajajinagara : Mobile 8066121300 /80661121305

Bommasandra Brnach: Mobile 80666660655/ 8066660658

Ashoknagara branch: Mobile 8066974000 /8066974003

Bannerghatta Hulimavu Brnach: Mobile 9538898827

At Jayanagara Netradhama 24/7 specialists are on alert. Ph 080-26088000 /9845195898

Shankar Eye Hospital Marathalli: 080-28542727 /28

What to do:

  • If eyes are injured do not rub eyes.
  • Wash with clean water, dab with clean cloth.
  • Go to nearest eye centre immediately.
  • Do not wear synthetic cloths, or loose cloths
  • Do not use glass bottles or tin containers to light cracker.
  • Do not keep easily inflammable things near cracker bursting areas.
  • Do not allow children to burst crackers unsupervised.
  • Do not try to set fire to half burnt crackers.

The Mayor Sampath Raj has suggested that instead of bursting crackers, which can be dangerous, light lamps. He has also cautioned parents not to let small children burst crackers unsupervised.  As a precautionary measure doctors and nurses are designated for special duty but they will be available only from 9 am to 4 pm.

The High Court on Tuesday suggested not to burst China crackers.  Manohara Lal and 8 others had applied for permission to sell crackers, requesting the HC to direct the BBMP to sanction license. Public prosecutor T L Kiran Kumar argued for the State and said already the process has been completed by lottery system.  Having heard the argument justice A S Bopanna said to consider the applications and if possible to grant licence.

Responding to this Kiran Kumar said there are rumours in social media that China crackers are filled with deadly viruses, by bursting them virus will spread. Reacting to this justice commented if the traders removes the label and posts Made in India what can be done?