In a typical filmy style, a constable drinking tea at a roadside stall saw a man on bike wearing a big helmet but going by the look that gave a clue of a wanted criminal, constable knew, he was winning. The constable chased the accused and caught him, after a hot chase. The arrested is identified as Mahammad Syed Ali, leader of an Iranian gang of chain snatchers, operating in inter-state, reports Kannada Prabha.

Ali was waiting to strike at Girinagar. Raghavendra, a constable with Giri Nagar police station was standing near a roadside tea stall. Ali arrived there on a Unicorn bike at great speed with a friend. He was wearing a helmet but gave a stare at Raghavendra. The police eyes of Raghavendra, immediately recognised the eyes which he had seen in a CCTV footage of a theft in Giri Nagar. Immediately, he gave a chase on his bike. Ali went through small bylanes of Girinagar and finally ran into a lane near Ganesha Mandir. To his bad luck, it was a dead end. Raghavendra got down from his bike to approach Ali. Ali started his bike and went straight at Raghavendra but Raghavendra was too fast and stopped the bike. Ali then tried to hit Raghavendra with his helmet. His associate got down and escaped but a tussle occurred between Raghavendra and Ali. Ali managed to break free and entered a building under construction. By then inspector Kotresh and team arrived on the scene, surrounded the building and nabbed Ali.

Mahammad Ali hails from Thane, Maharashtra. He lives with his wife and two children in the Iranian Colony in Kalaburagi. They pose as police and loot unsuspecting victims.  He was trained from childhood in theft and as an adult he has been operating all over the country, it is reported. He has over 50 cases booked against him. He has been to jail also. When police chased him in Mumbai, he shifted to Kalaburagi. He was arrested by Jnanabharathi police two years ago. But he secured bail and continued his habit.

Police seized gold jewellery of 100 gms that he had robbed in Jayanagar, Girinagar, Mahalakshmi Layout and Hospet. Ali was adept at snatching chains to support his luxurious life. He has a girl friend in Mumbai and he would gift her expensive jewellery from the loot, it is reported. Currently, Madanapalli in Andhra is the hideout of the Iranian gang. The gang arrives in the City in the morning, by evening make they strike and return to Madanapalli, it is reported. 

During the interrogation, Ali revealed that there are four Iranian gangs operating in the country. Recently, Ali and his gang had struck at Giri Nagar and his face was clearly visible in the CCTV footage. That helped constable Raghavendra in pinning him down.