The media presence of the Bengaluru traffic police is winning appreciation from various quarters of the city. Especially the Twitter account has one of the most creative and best updates. But will this solve the traffic problems in the city?

The traffic department is trying to reach out to the tech-savvy people through the social media. The various advertisements, updates on weather, traffic movement or potholes are helping the commuters. But all this has a limited result as long as the proper action is not taken on the traffic rule violators.

There is an awareness among the people about the police action if the traffic rules are broken. But as long as there are police personnel who receive less amount of money and let the defaulters pass without any challan, people will continue to break the rules.

If all these advanced measures should be effective, there should be effective policing in the field too. Just one rain is enough to stall the vehicles of the entire city. Even to this day when it rains traffic police personnel are seen struggling to clear the way, most of the times in vain.

Than getting into action when there is a problem, it is always better to be prepared much before the incident occurs. Every year during the rain, uprooting of trees is a common phenomenon. So the traffic police department should get in touch with the authorities concerned and make arrangements to take care of the weak tree or their branches. Wherever the water gets collected on the road, provision should be made for the water to flow into a drain.

Unless all departments come together and work towards solving the civic issues, the tweets or posts will not help solve the traffic problem of the city.

However, the fact cannot that the traffic police is doing a commendable job trying to create awareness among people about their safety and against breaking the rules is worthy of the appreciation. But as told earlier, proper measures also should be taken to implement the rules without fail.

The weak links (corrupt personnel) of the department should be taken to task and made to follow the rules themselves. In the same way, people also should abide by the rules. If both sides understand their responsibilities, it will be much easier to tackle the traffic problems.

Here are some of the Tweets by the traffic police: