The Cabinet has approved construction of 3 super specialty hospitals at the premises of K R Hospital, Mysuru, BIMS, Belagavi and GIMS, Kalburgi, reported Kannada Prabha.

Speaking to media persons after the Cabinet meeting, Law Minister T B Jayachandra informed the details.  The Cabinet has given administrative consent for the construction of  3 super specialty hospitals. The Super Specialty hospital at the premises of K R Hospital, Mysuru will be constructed at a budget of Rs 123.77 crore and an additional cost of Rs 32.25 crore for equipment will be incurred.

At the Belagavi Medical Sciences Institution premises Rs 140 crore for construction of building and Rs 54.27 crore for equipment will be spent.  At the Gulbarga Medical Sciences Institute premises Rs 107.06 crore for building and Rs 41.26 crore for equipment will be spent.

The Cabinet has also given consent for the estimate of Rs 25 crore for the construction of district government offices complex at Raichuru.  The cabinet has agreed to stand guarantee for Rs 500 crore loans from State Cooperative Banks Federation for the State Government.  Administrative consent has also been given for Rs 60.45 crore estimated budget for supplying water to the Gajendragad – Naregal and Rona towns by the current contractors Megha Engineering and Infrastructure institute.

The Cabinet has given consent for acquiring a loan of Rs 1,500 crore from IIBR for Krishna Water Corporation.  The other projects approved by the Cabinet are lift irrigation at Elligutti village on the Ghataprabha left bank at Bilagi taluk, Bagalakote district at a budget of Rs 35 crore, lift irrigation project to pump water from Amani tank at Chennarayapatna taluk, Hasana district for supply into the 25 tanks at a cost of Rs 70 crore, modernisation of Mullamari Project right bank canal and canal network at Rs 117 crore, Harangi left bank canal at Rs 188 crore budget.

Nagarabetta Lift irrigation project at Bangarugunda village, Muddebihala taluk, from the backwaters of Narayanapura dam to irrigate a total 3200 hectare region at a budget of Rs 170 crore, selected damaged portions of Almatti Left bank canal of 68.24 km and distribution canals at a budget of Rs 112.46 crore, development of Sir Cotton canal at Kollegala taluk, Hampapura canal and Guppamma canal at an estimated budget of Rs 20.30 crore have been cleared with administrative consent.  At Alanda taluk a special project to develop ground water reserves in the model of Maharashtra at a budget of Rs 20.59 crore has been approved by the Cabinet.