The body of mother who was washed away in the Rajakaluve during the rains on Oct 13 along with her daughter has been found after 9 days at the Rajakaluve near Kumbalagodu, reported Kannada Prabha.

The Daughter Pushpa’s body was found on Oct 15 at the Kumbalagodu Rajakaluve. Mother Ningavva’s body was found after nine days two kilometre away from the spot where Pushpa’s body was found said BBMP officials.

The search for the body was called off after six days and public who saw a body floating informed the police. Fire Brigade squad arrived at the spot and along with the police transported the body to Victoria Hospital. The body was completely deteriorated and was very difficult to remove.

Ningavva’s family was informed who arrived and identified the body. After the post mortem the body was handed over to the family on Monday morning. The family said the final rites will be performed at the Sumanahalli crematorium.  Mayor Sampath Raj visited the hospital and offered his condolences to the family. He instructed the officials to assist the family in cremation.