Bengaluru: The 48-hour Bharat bandh called by trade unions, has left motorists in Bengaluru worried that their fuel tanks may run dry. The Bengaluru Petrol Dealers Association (BPDA) says that it will lend moral support to the 48-hour bandh and take a call on shutting down operations based on the situation.

Speaking to Asianet Newsable, Ravindranath BR, president, BPDA said, "As of now we have not decided to stop operation of bunks across Bengaluru as it is a two-day bandh and it may impact public. However, based on the situation tomorrow and on January 9, the association will take a call." 

Fearing for the safety of students and the buildings, many institutions have already declared a two-day holiday and have advised against the usage of private vehicles as there are chances of clashes resulting from animosity.

"We had to cancel our placement program. The students may fill petrol tonight and use their vehicles, but in case something happens later and if petrol bunk operations are cancelled at the last minute, students will be inconvenienced, so we declared a holiday," said Nageshwar Gupta, Vice Principal, Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering.