Eight days after the shocking incident of a Northeastern student being brutally attacked by a landlord, NE community members from Karnataka have decided to launch a protect demanding justice against such racial attacks.

Dr Rini Ralte, President of Northeast Solidarity, says the protest is not for any political mileage or hidden agendas but purely to give a voice to the discrimination that "our brothers and sisters from the Northeast suffer at the hands of abusers."

"The other day a student from Arunachal was not only attacked but his mother and sister were also verbally abused. Like him, many also face harassment. Sometimes employers do no pay salary and in a few places, the home owners harass them. This is simply unacceptable as we all are Indians and we cannot stoop to such levels," she said.

She said she met Police Commissioner Praveen Sood and received permission to organise a 'solidarity meet' in Town Hall, Bengaluru, in which many NE residents are expected to join on Thursday.

One of the members of the association, says protests and meetings like these are a platform for scattered NE residents to unite and raise a voice against such inhuman acts.