Bengaluru's Gurugram: Parents confused, 4-year-old not assaulted by security guard in school

First Published 14, Sep 2017, 7:04 AM IST
Bengalurus Gurugram Parents confused 4year old not raped by security guard in school
  • It was reported that a four-year-old LKG girl was sexually assaulted allegedly by security guard at her school in Dasarahalli
  • The girl was taken to the hospital where sexual assault was confirmed by the doctors
  • CCTV footage shows the alleged guilty guard at the main gate at the time of the incident

Earlier there was news of a seven-year-old boy's throat being slit at a school in Delhi, closer home, reports of a four-year-old girl being sexually assaulted allegedly by a security guard at her school in Dasarahalli raised a lot of concern. The police detained all the five security guards and were interrogating. By the end of the investigation, police through CCTV footages found that the said security guard did not go anywhere near her the whole day. He was on duty at the main gate. The parents of the child have decided to withdraw the POSCO case against him. Sources in the police department mentioned that the guard was not guilty of the charges found. 

It is reported that on Tuesday, the girl returned home and was crying. The parents found out that she was very sick and was throwing up. The parents rushed her to a nearby doctor nearby and later to MS Ramaiah Hospital where the doctors informed the parents that the girl was sexually assaulted. Immediately, the parents lodged a complaint with the police.

 She has reportedly told the doctors and parents that a security ‘uncle’ hurt her. The mother had been teaching her daughter about good an bad touch, says a report in the Times of India. 

A case under the POCSO had been booked even as the parents had demanded strict action against the school authorities. The Department of Public Instruction had also ordered an inquiry. Since the allegations have been made of  serious kind, police now want to find out if at an earlier instance the guard may have misbehaved or someone else to that effect.