In the study 'Estimation of monetary loss due to congestion, delay and other traffic related issues in Bengaluru City', the study team headed by Professor MN Shreehari, Urban Transport Expert and CEO of  the consortia of infrastructure engineers, said, the team spent 3 months time, starting January and sourced and compiled data before filing the report.


"Random sampling method was adopted. The annual loss of cost due to congestions, delay,  vehicle time loss, driver time loss,  if all that is converted into monetary loss, it will be to the tune of a whopping Rs 6.5k crore which is not visible," said Shreehari.


He further added that Bengaluru now has 48,000 junctions and the roads are equally bad in almost all areas leading to loss of time and cost. The agencies like transport, traffic, BBMP, BDA, BMTC and Urban Development Department have failed in identifying this loss and have no solution to this chaos.


 "This is a serious issue as public always needs to have an alternative plan to get to their destination or else forgo the project for the day, resulting in  loss of  productivity. If the same situation persists, the people have to leave their vehicles at home and walk and that time is not far,"  he added.


Reacting to this unhealthy development and  loss of money due to transport issues, CP Narayanswamy, Additional Commissioner of Transport says, the department is also trying its best to cut down the number of vehicles on road  by adding extra buses. There is also metro rail, yet many people use two-wheelers and cars and continue to stay away from mass transport.


"There is a drive in all the eight zones of Bengaluru, where in the officials along with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board are fining old polluting vehicles and in some cases the vehicles permit is cancelled. This exercise will be intensified in the coming days,"  he added.