Cases of police atrocity are not new in Karnataka, and this time  a case has been reported from the Siddapura Police in South Bengaluru. The police has been accused of allegedly arresting a teenager and a minor on a suspicion  and also beating them black and blue.


Kashif, a 16-year-old and a minor was allegedly detained by Siddapura police. The teen insists it was a case of mistaken identity. It so happened that on July 6, Ahmed, an employee at a car spare part shop had filed a complaint against  Parvez, Asad and his friends of assaulting and robbing him. The incident and the complaint was registered in the Siddapura police station limits the on July 5. Based on the complaint police arrested Parvez and Asad and later they were sent to judicial custody.  The matter did not die down there.


Kashif and his friend Muiz allege that only because they were friends of Parvez and Asad and were local Siddapura boys that Ahmed’s uncle Dastagir, a local JD(S) leader had approached them. The duo work as helpers in a mechanic shop in Siddapura.  Kashif  alleged that Dastagir and his friend Shabbir on the pretext of asking them to tie banners for the JD(S) took them in an autorickshaw. However, Muiz and Kashif were taken directly to the police station where Dastagir handed them over to the police saying that these two were also involved in the chain snatching case and that the police should question them.


Kashif alleges that in the process of investigation, the two were hit by the policemen. He especially sustained a lot of injury and telling bruises in the police lock-up. "We are innocent, and we did not know anything. The weekly salary of Rs 800 and my mobile phone was snatched by Dastagir. The police beat me so badly that I was unable to walk for three days.  I was warned not to tell about the police torture," he said.

Kashif shows off the marks of the lathis. This photo was taken two days after the assault. 



Kashif’s aunt Tashina has now filed a complaint against the Siddapura police and Dastagir for harassing Kashif. "The police had detained and beaten a minor. We have approached Karnataka State Commission for Child Rights and Protection and will be approaching the State Human Rights Commission to demand justice against police harassment and false complaint,"she said.


She further alleged that when they went to lodge a complaint against  Dastagir, the police refused. The relatives also allege that Dastigir and his friend Shabbir are harassing people by implicating in false police cases and that Dastagir only wanted to flex his political muscles and was framing innocents.

Muiz shows the lathi marks on his buttocks 


Dastagir rubbished the claims of taking Kashif and Muiz  to the police and instead said the police only took these boys for inquiry. "My nephew was attacked  and robbed by Parvez, Asad and their friends. On July 6, Parvez and Asad and few others were detained by police. I wanted to bail them out, but I was attacked outside the police station hence I left the place," he explains. 


When Asianet Newsable called Siddapura Police, Channppa, an officer at the station said he was unaware of any atrocity being committed but he added that if that were the case, then the police are expected to work within a legal frame work and cannot harass even the accused or even an arrested person.