In a fresh twist to techie assaulted case, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar has debunked the allegations made by software professional Nandini. Nandini had complained that she was attacked by a mob for complaining against cattle traffickers at Talaghattapura in Bengaluru on Saturday. 

Police Commissioner Suneel Kumar told media persons here on Wednesday that Nandini was not attacked by cattle traffickers - as claimed by her - instead she was assaulted for injuring three in an accident.


He reiterated that Nandini along with her friends had come to Talaghattapura police station to complain against cattle trafficking. "Two constables left with her to the spot. However, they returned soon, when the mob outnumbered them. Later, the police went to the spot with additional force while had asked Nandini and her friends to wait at the station," the commissioner told reporters. Apparently suspecting the police's action, Nandini along with her friends went to the spot. However, she hit an auto and also an abattoir damaging injuring three. "Irked at her, the mob assaulted her," claimed the police commissioner. He further said that the Talaghattapura police have rescued three cattle and also arrested seven persons in this connection. "But Nandini was not assaulted for complaining against cattle traffickers," Suneel Kumar maintained.

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However, the victim, Nandini told Suvarna News that "the commissioner was lying about the assault." She went on to say that the two police constables who accompanied her to the spot did not do anything. But left her and her friends when the mob came to attack her. On damaging the private property, Nandini said in a bid to escape lynching by the mob; she had hit the pole of an abattoir. In her interview to a news channel earlier, she had stated that "there was a murderous mob and they were mobilised and paid by mafia people. Is this the road rage? Can people get into a road rage like this? In a bid to get out when so many people were throwing stones at me, I hit a pole to save people who were blocking my way and also save myself."

"The police have served me a notice in this regard, and I will reply to that. I was not assaulted for the accident, and the police are lying to divert the attention on illegal cow slaughtering in Bengaluru," reiterated Nandini.