Filling potholes in Bengaluru has become a real challenge to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) as most of the potholes that were earlier filled have again been damaged due to heavy rain in the city.

Fillings in the potholes have been washed away in rain, making it impossible for the BBMP to comply with the direction of the court.

The court had ordered BBMP to fill all the potholes in Bengaluru as the potholes were resulting in a series of accidents over the past months. Thus a deadline was set and September 24 was the chosen date to complete the task.

Recently, BBMP had submitted a report stating that 1600 potholes were to be filled in the city. This had invited criticism by the court as well as people. Then, BBMP got into swift action and on Wednesday (September 19, only 300 more  potholes were left to be filled.

But Bengaluru faced severe rainfall last night. The latest reports say that the asphalting on most of the potholes has been washed away, opening the potholes again. The city is expected to experience rainfall for three more days, casting doubts on the effectiveness of the asphalting.