Bengaluru lakes have become victims of illegal garbage, medical waste and debris dumping. So it should come as no surprise that the civic agency responsible for them, the BBMP, was found to have been indulging in some mischief of their own.  

But now, a reputed agency like the Bengaluru Metro Rail is being held responsible, as huge pillars and construction debris from the Metro construction have been discovered in Mylasandra lake.

Manish, a student from BGS Engineering College and a resident of Kengeri, noticed that the there was an increase in construction debris. He suspected it to be debris from the metro rail project as the broken pillars found in the lake were similar to those used for Metro construction.

"Last week I noticed huge broken concrete pillars on the tank bed. The water has dried due to the harsh summer. Since there is no fence to the lake, there is heavy vehicle movement in the lake. Trucks filled with construction debris must have dumped it. I shared the picture with environment activists, who later reported the matter to Karnataka Lake Development."

Vidya Sagar, Chief Executive Officer, KLDA, immediately alerted the Urban Forest Department on Saturday about the dumping of debris in the lake premises and asked them to take action and give him a report.

"The first step is to clear the debris and later the matter will be investigated," he said.

The forest department, under whose jurisdiction this lake falls,  had rushed to the lake and found the debris. 

"We have now deputed guards to keep a vigil at night as these dumps are happening in the late evening. We will send the proposal to the LDA to fence the lake for its protection," said  Harshavardhan, Assistant Conservator of Forest, Bengaluru Urban Forest Division.
He further added that the matter was also raised with Metro rail officials, who have also extended their cooperation.

The officer also said, "The lake gets only rain water and dries up during summer. If we install a micro Sewage Treatment Plant, we could use treated water in the lake. The Detail Project Report will be prepared and sent to LDA, as they are the highest authority," 

Vijay Nishanth, an urban conservationist who reported the matter, demanded stringent action from KLDA and asked them to penalise those dumping garbage and debris.

Meanwhile, Vasath Rao, Public Relation Officer, BMRCL, had asked Metro officers from Kengeri and Nagarbhavi station depot to appraise the contractors carrying metro debris. 

"This action is being taken as we want to find where our contractors are dumping debris. There is a strict instruction to send the debris to send only to designated quarry pits, and if it gets established that one of our contractors were responsible for dumping debris at the lake, we will not hesitate to take action, "he said.