The Bengaluru Police have released the photo of the person allegedly came on a red Pulsar bike and killed Gauri Lankesh.

This is termed as a breakthrough in finding the murderers of Gauri Lankesh as comparatively a clear picture of the bike and accused have been traced now. It is said that at least 1 lakh bikes were checked before zeroing in on this red pulsar bike.

As reported by NDTV, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) with the help of a lab in the US, got a grab of the suspect enhanced to the maximum possible level.



This photo shown here has been produced from CCTV installed near victim Gauri Lankesh's house.  

The first sketch of the three accused was released on October 14. The Bengaluru City Police released two videos of one of the suspects passing through the road that leads to Gauri Lankesh's house.

55-year-old Gauri Lankesh, a journalist and activist were killed in front of her house in Bengaluru on September 5.

There was also a heated debate over the sketches released as one of the faces of the suspects resembled a Tumakuruu BJP leader's close aide.

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The tilak on the forehead of one of the suspects (in the sketches) created another controversy. But SIT stood strong to its information and said that the sketches were made according to the information given by Gauri's mother and matching it with the CCTV footages.

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