The eighth winter session of the Belagavi Parliament started with only 113 Ministers and MLAs making it to the Assembly out of 300 members. 

Shocked after the entry into the House, finding 80 percent of the seats empty, Speaker Koliwad postponed the session for 10 minutes. When not many turned up even after 10 minutes, the session was started.

The first day of the nine-day session does not have any discussions taking place inside the Assembly. But as per practice, tribute is given to those who are no more and then the Assembly is adjourned.

Even then it is must for the leaders to sign the attendance book and be present on the first day of the session. 

It is said that rooms have been arranged for the people's representatives, and instead of dinner, Rs 2000 per day will be given to each leader. It is not sure if the money will be given to the leaders who have given the session a miss.

There should be rules the from accommodation to food to incentives should be limited to only those who have taken part in the session.