Among the changes noticed in the internal circles of State BJP after the visit of BJP national president Amit Shah, notable is the return of national coordinator B L Santosh to active participation in the State BJP.  The foes State BJP president S Yeddyurappa and B L Santosh have put aside their differences and are coming together, in a major development. On Thursday both the leaders held long talks and sorted out the differences between them. It is certain that in future Santosh will take active role in the State BJP campaign, reported Kannada Prabha.

As step one, Santosh has taken the responsibility of organising Mangaluru Chalo campaign condemning the killings of Hindu workers in coastal region and demanding a ban on PFI-KFD organisations.  Amit Shah had closely observed the developments in the State BJP unit and decided to use Santosh to plan strategies for campaign. He decided that Santosh, a stalwart in planning strategies, and Yeddyurappa had to make up and work together. Other State leaders and Sangh Parivar leaders also had expressed that Santosh had to take active part in campaigning in the State.

After Yeddyurappa took over as the State BJP president, he had neglected Santosh and not considered his suggestions with regard to appointing office bearers.  Later too he ignored all suggestions given by Santosh, which prompted Santosh to maintain a distance from State BJP.  Subsequently a faction rebelled under the leadership of Eshwarappa, who formed his own Sangolli Rayanna Brigade.  Leaders started openly criticising Yeddyurappa. It was again Amit Shah who intervened and made both of them compromise.

Even after that Eshwarappa and other rebel leaders continued public attack on Yeddyurappa.  Once B S Yeddyurappa himself declared openly that behind such remarks was B L Santosh’s instigation.  After that declaration Santosh stopped using office vehicle and distanced himself from State BJP.  He started touring other states where he was given charge. Santosh is close to Amit Shah and take active part in several decisions that Amit Shah takes.