Former DySP Anupama Shenoy to float new party

First Published 3, Oct 2017, 1:40 PM IST
Anupama Shenoy former police officer to float new party
  • Anupama Shenoy was the deputy superintendent of police in Kudligi, Ballari
  • She would decide about her political venture by November end
  • She plans to contest from Ballari in the upcoming Assembly election

After 'Real Star' Upendra's 'Prajakeeya and Prajakarana', Kannadigas may see yet another political party as the elections are nearing. Former firebrand police officer, DySP Anupama Shenoy is all set to float a new political party that is in tune with her vision and objectives.

Earlier, it was speculated that Anupama would join one of the political parties as she had been quite open about her political ambitions, ever since she quit the police service. It is reported that Anupama shared her views with her close friends. She would decide by November end, it is reported. "Yes, I'm serious about floating a new political party. We have already started the spadework, and we hope to complete all the formalities as early as possible so that we could contest the next Assembly elections," reports The Hindu quoting Anupama Shenoy.

She hopes to make Gandhiji's dream 'Gram Swarajya' a reality, and for that, it was necessary for her to be in the politics, she was quoted saying.

According to the Public TV, Anupama who shot to fame during her stint as a police officer at Kudligi in Ballari district plans to contest the elections from the mining town. She was quoted saying that the corruption is neck-deep in the country and she hopes to eradicate the graft with honest views and transparent work.

She reportedly met Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal, Upendra and even Congress leaders too. But it was clear that although the existing political parties have their agenda, they seldom work for it. "There was no point in joining them. Either my ideals would not match with theirs, or they were not ready to accommodate my views. All parties are same. It is necessary to bring fresh ideas in the politics, and I feel, I have those fresh ideas. Hence, I feel it is the right time to launch a new political party," Anupama Shenoy told Suvarna News.

She further told the news channel that she hopes to utilise her 'police skills' in the politics for the welfare of the people.