It has been over 42 days since a newborn baby was stolen from the Jayanagar Government Hospital. But the police and the hospital still have not been able to reunite the baby girl with her mother. 

Is it a case of apathy on the part of the officials or is there a strong racket in place which is hindering an investigation?

Dr Lokesh, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, said that the child's parents were still coming and inquiring about their daughter, but the hospital is helpless as police are yet to trace anything. 

"We have given them all the documents, including our hard-disk, but the child is yet to traced," he said.

But the doctor said that the police had some clues and were trying to find who could be behind this child theft case, opined Dr Lokesh.

The Tilaknagar police, which has taken up the case, said the investigating team had gone through the CCTV footage and found out some clue to solve the case. But they did not reveal what the 'clue' was. 

On 29 January, Sahanashree, wife of driver Thyagraju, gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy. The girl had to be kept in the IUC over some breathing issues. 


Usually, mothers are called into the ICU to feed newborns. But when Sahanashree went to feed her baby, she was missing. A complaint was filed, and through the CCTV footage, it was discovered that one of the nurses from the hospital handed over the child to an unidentified person.

The police detained three nurses for questioning. But there has been no breakthrough in the case. Thyagraj, who comes very often to the hospital to check on the investigation goes back disheartened. 

"I have lost faith in the government as they could not protect a newborn from an ICU unit. It's been so many days, I don't know how my daughter is now," said Thyagraj in chocked voice.