It is 2 months since the schools reopened but students of 2500 government schools have not yet received free shoes and socks. According to information from Public Education Department, out of 48,000 schools, over 2500 schools have not been issued free shoes and socks, reported Kannada Prabha.

In Koppala and Raichuru districts, respectively 72.78 and 78.69 percentage of schools have been supplied with shoes and socks. The State Government had stopped this scheme in the previous year. In the current year shoes and socks were distributed even before the commencement of classes. However, in some regions it has not been distributed.

After the initial confusion as to who should be handed over the responsibility of distributing shoes and socks, it was decided to entrust the work to School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC), informed an officer at the Education Department. 

According to the documents the State Government had released Rs 128 crore for distribution of shoes and socks to school students.  Then why the delay?  SDMC officials said the funds are not released yet. They are yet to call tender in this regard. Wonder if the students will get the shoes and socks before the end of the term.