The Health Department has issued an official ‘Population at Risk’ statistics report that around one crore are feared susceptible to dengue and Chikungunya in State.  According to a report released by the Health Department 94.11 lakh are at the risk of catching dengue and 18.43 lakh are at the risk of catching Chikungunya. The department has issued strict instructions to officers to take precautionary measures, reported Kannada Prabha.

From past one and half months dengue and Chikungunya cases are on the rise.  From Jan 1 to Oct 19 a total of 13,540 dengue and 2184 cases of Chikungunya and 3,231 cases of H1N1 were reported.  In last one month 1,562 cases of dengue, 112 H1N1 and 344 Chikangunya cases have been reported. From Jan to Oct 15,152 scab tests have been conducted. Of them 3,231 cases are confirmed.  Total number of deaths reported is 15. The districtwise break up of statistics is Bengaluru 5110, Mandya 857, Davanagere 783, Mysuru 773, Kalaburgi 770, Hasana 361, and Udupi 305. Dengue 13,540 cases and 2,184 cases of Chikungunya are reported.

According to the Population at Risk report on Sept 1 the number stood at 48.52 lakhs and in past 50 days it has doubled to 94.11 lakh. In Aug first week it was 34 lakh. Hence the public must be aware of mosquito menace and take precaution said the Health Department officials.

In 4572 villages, 1450 primary health centres at 176 blocks in 154 taluks 154 taluks from Jan 1 to Oct 1.38 lakh are suspected were tested and of them 13,395 are confirmed of dengue. Apart from several more cases are reported from private hospitals.

Deputy Director of Health Department, Dr Prakash Kumar said it is a fact that dengue and Chikungunya are on the rise this year. We have taken precaution and avoided more fatalities. The mosquitos will breed in stagnant water only. As the heavy down pours have washed way the stagnant water the risk has reduced, he said.

The Population at Risk is a survey of probable regions that could spread the virus.  A normal mosquito can fly 3 km. a mosquito carrying dengue or chikungunya virus can travel 500 meters. Based on the location of the confirmed victim, the region is mapped accordingly.