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Peak Bengaluru moment: Auto driver asks passengers to tag his Instagram handle while commuting

A Bengaluru auto driver's innovative use of digital marketing by printing his Instagram handle inside his vehicle gains attention and praise on social media. Users appreciate the fusion of traditional and digital approaches in this marketing tactic.

Peak Bengaluru moment: Auto driver asks passengers to tag his Instagram handle while commuting vkp
First Published Sep 5, 2023, 11:12 PM IST

Commuting in Bengaluru is always intriguing, fun and sometimes interesting. Peak Bengaluru moments capture the hearts of commuters and Bengalureans. Auto drivers amuse the commuters and the citizens often share their experience over Twitter. 

A recent social media post showcased an auto driver's ingenious use of digital marketing to promote his business. The driver, with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, had strategically printed his Instagram handle, @OVER_YOUNG, inside his vehicle, encouraging passengers to tag him if they rode in his auto.

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The post quickly garnered attention as intrigued users applauded the auto driver's innovative approach to marketing. One user commended it as a prime example of the younger generation's marketing tactics. Another user shared a similar experience from a small town in Punjab, highlighting that this trend transcends Bengaluru's city limits.

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Impressed by the auto-rickshaw driver's initiative to attract Instagram followers, user Udayan shared the incident, emphasizing the fusion of digital marketing and traditional auto-rickshaws. He stated, "Digital marketing 🤝 Rickshaw wala. A rickshaw wala has his Instagram handle printed on his rickshaw and wants me to tag him. He claims it's normal for folks to post rickshaw rides while en route to work. Not going to lie, I love the hustle. And this is 100% @peakbengaluru."

Responses to the post included comments recognizing the auto driver's adaptation to the new generation's strategies. One user remarked, "Man, it's the new generation!" while another user shared a similar sighting in Ferozepur, a small town in Punjab.

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