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Bengaluru man finds broken iPhone near Silkboard junction, posts on Reddit; here's what happened next

In Bengaluru, a resident found a badly damaged iPhone near Silk Board Road. Unable to power it on, they posted on Reddit for help, leading to over a hundred missed calls on the SIM card they retrieved. This effort reunited the phone with its owner, a young man from Kerala, restoring faith in human kindness amidst adversity.

Bengaluru man finds broken iPhone near Silkboard junction read what happens next vkp
First Published Jul 9, 2024, 10:35 AM IST

A resident of Bengaluru has captured the city's spirit by going above and beyond to reunite a lost iPhone with its owner. The incident unfolded near Silk Board Road, a bustling area known for its heavy traffic and frequent incidents of phone theft.

The story began when a resident stumbled upon a badly damaged iPhone lying on the roadside. Parts of the phone had been crushed under passing vehicles, indicating a likely mishap that left its owner without their device. Determined to do the right thing, the finder, whose identity remains anonymous, took swift action.

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Posting a photo of the damaged iPhone on the social media platform Reddit, under the handle IcyRefrigerator9291, the Good Samaritan appealed for help in locating the owner. Despite the phone's inability to power on due to extensive damage, the post garnered significant attention and messages from concerned individuals eager to assist.

Realizing the phone's network capabilities were compromised, the finder faced a dilemma but remained undeterred. After a failed attempt to charge and restart the device, they decided to remove its SIM card and place it in their phone. This risky move paid off when they received over a hundred missed calls, primarily from Jio, leading to the crucial breakthrough—a call from the owner's friend.

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The owner, a young man from Kerala who had recently lost his job in Bengaluru, was deeply moved by the efforts to return his phone. Emotions ran high as he reclaimed the damaged device, which had become a symbol of hope during a challenging time. Grateful for the reunion, he and his friends expressed their appreciation by treating the finder to a meal at Burger King at Forum Mall, where the phone was returned.

Reflecting on the incident, observers noted how the simple act of returning a lost item had strengthened bonds and restored faith in human kindness. The story serves as a reminder of the goodwill that exists within communities, even in the face of adversity.

Is this your iPhone.? Found near Silk board road.
byu/IcyRefrigerator9291 inbangalore
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