A 23-year-old woman was gang raped and brutally murdered with her mutilated body being found in Rohtak district, police said

"Two persons, Sumit and Vikas, have been arrested in this connection," Sub-inspector rpt Sub-inspector Sonipat, Ajay Malik said. Sumit was an acquaintance of the victim, he said. The woman, who was a divorcee, was allegedly kidnapped from Sonipat on May 9 and taken to Rohtak in a car, police said.

According to various reports, there were seven people involved  in the gang rape. Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim had allegedly refused a marriage proposal. It did not go down well with one of the accused and he, along with his friends landed up at her house a week later. An altercation ensued between them and the woman slapped him. Incensed by her behaviour, the man is alleged to have called in his friends and then is alleged to have gang raped her and then murdered her.

It is the nature of the crime that is even more shocking. The body of the woman was found in a bruised and battered condition. Malik said the woman was first raped and the suspects then hit her with a brick and smashed her face against a stone, adding that the victim sustained grievous head injuries. Stray dogs had bitten away the victim's face and lower portion of her body which was spotted by a passerby in the urban estate area of Rohtak on May 11, police say.

Forensic examination brought to light another startling fact that in order to prevent people from identifying her, the accused may have run over her body with a vehicle. Also, some reports say there were drug traces found in her viscera samples. Not only that, her private parts may also have been torn with a sharp-edged weapon.

The victim's parents had lodged a missing complaint at Sonipat police station. The woman is suspected to have been kidnapped from the gate of the private company where she worked. The matter is being probed thoroughly, police added.

with PTI inputs