Here's a shot you don't see every day.

This unique photograph was captured by photographer Aman Wilson at the Pench National Park in Maharashtra.

Describing how he managed to capture this moment, the 33 year old nature and wildlife photographer said: "This instance took place during one of my expeditions to Pench National Park in Turia, MP. It was my last safari and I was searching for a tigress named Langdi (as she limps) in her territory. I came across an intersection where a lot of jeeps were parked and I exactly knew the reason." 

"Langdi, the tigress had just been sighted and we had just missed her. I was saddened and couldn't believe my luck. Once, all the jeeps moved away I still wanted to wait in the same area. While I was waiting I saw a group of langurs jumping and playing. The light was just perfect and I started shooting them.

"One of the langurs moved to a separate tree which had a cut-out right in the middle and it was hollow too. The langur climbed up and sat in the very same spot as if it was his space. He just fit right and was absolutely comfortable. I kept on shooting and it kind of changed my frown upside down. That's how I was able to create such a unique shot."

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