According to the PRS Legislative, which is a non-profit organisation tracking the functioning of the Parliament, nearly 25 percent MPs have clocked in more than 90 percent attendence in the parliament. This way beyond the 80% national average. In figures, 133 of the 545 MPs have recorded a presence of more than 90%.

Among the star performers are Congress veteran Veerappa Moily and Mallikarjun Kharge, also a leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha. They are said to have recorded 91 and 92% respectively. Jyotiraditya Scindia and Rajeev Satav attended 80 and 81 percent of the Lok Sabha sittings. 

The other MPs who have clocked almost 100% attendence are BJD MP from Jagatsinghpur Kulmani Samal and BJP MPs Gopal Shetty (North Mumbai-Maharashtra), Kirit Solanki (Ahmedabad West) and Ramesh Chander Kaushik (Sonipat-Haryana). Mulayam Singh Yadav, veteran parliamentarian and former Uttar Pradesh CM, reportedly clocked in 79% attendance. The present UP CM Adityanath Yogi, however attended 72% of the Parliament proceedings. Meanwhile, Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher had an attendence of 86% and Ahmedabad MP Paresh Rawal had an attendence of 68% of the Lok Sabha sittings.

Bhojpuri actor-singer and Dalit BJP President Manoj Tiwari recorded 70% attendence. Actor-turned MP Shatrughan Sinha attended 70 per cent of the sittings, but he neither participated in any debate nor asked any question. TMC MP and former actress Moon Moon Sen reflected a similar record. 

Among the low attendants were Dimple Yadav, wife of former CM of UP-Akhilesh Yadav, who recorded only 35% attendance. Similarly, union ministers Ambumani Ramadoss of the PMPK and Shibu Soren of the JMM clocked only 45% and 31% attendence respectively. Lowest of all time was Punjab CM Amarinder Singh who recorded just 6% attendence. His Jammu and Kashmir counterpart Mehbooba Mufti who recently took office as the head of state also recorded a surprising 35% attendence. Follwoing Amarinder Singh was Gyan Singh, a BJP MP from Madhya Pradesh, and Deepak Adhikari, actor-turned-politician from West Bengal, have recorded eight and nine per cent respectively. Even BJP MP Vinod Khanna, who recently succumbed to Cancer, had clocked in 50% of attendence. 

MPs get a daily allowance for attending the Parliament. If they miss it for a day, the perks are slashed. However, if a member seeking permission to remain absent from the Parliament, under clause (4) of article 101 of the Constitution, has to write an application to the Speaker, citing the reason of his absence. An application under subrule (1) defines the period for which leave of absence is required. It also indicates the date of commencement and of termination of such leave of absence and the grounds for it. Provided that leave of absence applied for at any one time shall not exceed a period of sixty days.

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Although the pattern of leaves do not prove anything, most of the MPs claim that they have other engagements which keep them busy outside the Parliament. Narendra Modi had objected to this excuse during a party meeting and had asked all MPs to be present during all the sessions. "Attending Parliament is your basic responsibility … I cannot be present on your behalf,” he had said.He further added, “I can call any of you any time."