When Kejriwal met Kamal: Is a marriage in the brewing?

First Published 22, Sep 2017, 12:08 PM IST
When Kejriwal met Kamal in holy matrimony they exchanged vows for a corruption free India
  • Over lunch yesterday, Haasan and Kejriwal shared notes on their common passions.
  • With North, South Indian food, the hour-long lunch ended in confirmation of the unity.
  • Haasan's main agenda of joining the AAP was to strengthen their anti-corruption campaign.

For veteran actor Kamal Haasan, it must be a 'learning curve', but for us it was a grand marriage (aka alliance) that was waiting to be observed since long. So, our one of the possibilities, that we published yesterday, clicked. Haasan saw the advantages he would have with AAP (the ideology bit) and Kejriwal got his star power and probably a smooth entry into Tamil Nadu politics. 

The alliance was long-awaited true, but there were many factors that made it nothing less than 'search for a perfect match' on a matrimonial sites. It is to be noted here that the AAP chief was smitten by the actor's Tweets against corruption (just like a groom is smitten by a bride's matrimonial profile)

To say so, remember the hobnobbing that Kamal Haasan did before taking the final call? He kept us on our toes (just like a bride would-be) while deciding who would his Knight in shining armour be- DMK, Rajinikanth or the AAP. Although we are glad, he found his perfect match in Kejriwal, but he could have spared us the time that we wasted in speculating over the other 'eligible' options. So, dramatic! But what happened to Haasan's pledge of joining hands with Rajinikanth? Well, he could play that childhood lover who could not express his feelings for the bride-to-be and is happy to dance at his 'yaar ki shaadi'. But, he remains a friend, mind you!

Good old Haasan may have a family background of politics, but his mannerisms are pretty filmy. Like in those movies where the bride-to-be does not reveals till the last moment whom she loves and goes to any extent to unite with her man-love.

Indeed, the 'reel' and the 'real' world is overlapping in this political union too. The grandeur with which Akshara Haasan, Kamal's younger child, received the CM of Nnew Delhi at the Chennai Airport, the way he was led to Haasan's house, all were symptomatic of the way one receives a groom for the 'pagfera'.

Not to forget the North Indian spread that awaited Kejriwal's palette at the Haasan house, much in keeping with the 'ladkewaalon ki pasand'. Perhaps, back in Delhi, grinding their teeth in resentment, but doling a smiling face the national oppositions Congress and BJP are waiting with welcome thalis for their new competitor in Tamil Nadu politics. After, saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and this bahu could very well change the political dynamics in Tamil Nadu.

It now remains to be seen whether the alliance lasts their honeymoon period and whether the couple lives happily ever after.