Panic spread in Birbhum on Maoist posters written in red ink. Posters threatening Trinamool leaders to return people's money or pay with their lives surfaced in three villages of Parui. Upon receiving the news, the police tore down the posters.

Gopalbagh, Chaumandalpur, and Hansra fall under Parui Police station limits of Birbhum. Locals saw posters written in red ink on Wednesday (September 23) morning in the three villages. The posters stated -- 'Give life or return people's money'. The poster named 13 Trinamool leaders and activists, including Ilambazar, block president Jafarul Sheikh and vice president Fazlur Rahman. However, these posters spread panic in the area.

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Meanwhile, Trinamool's Ilambazar block vice president Fazlur Rahman has blamed the BJP for the incident. He said, “BJP has no organization. They are not being able to fight politically with the Trinamool. Therefore, they are spreading panic with posters in the name of Maoists.”

BJP district president Shyamapad Mandal countered the statement and said, “Trinamool leaders are accustomed to making such false allegations. The poster has been read due to the confusion over the sharecroppers. It has nothing to do with the BJP. Trinamool has given place to Maoists in the party's state committee. As a result, everyone understands who the Maoists are.”

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It should be noted that a few days ago, posters of the Maoists were out in Belpahari of Jhargram to stop the road construction work. Posters were put up at roadside light posts, shops, and even parked cars. With this, the Maoists announced their presence in Birbhum and created panic.