Many people in Murshidabad are up in arms after being reportedly deprived of the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme grant.

People allege that the grant is being given to those who are not entitled to the scheme.

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Hundreds of villagers gathered in front of the BDO office in Murshidabad and staged a protest. Tensions spread in the BDO office premises due to the protests of the villagers.

In Bhagwangola locality of Murshidabad, villagers told Asianet Newsable, "We are not getting any grant of the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. There is discrimination going on in the village. The government officials are giving the money to those who have agreed to pay a share of the money to the officials. People having personal connection with government officials are getting the money whereas we are getting deprived."

It is also alleged that influential people are taking the grant money by depriving needy people. The deprived people staged a protest in Saralpur area of Bhagwangola police station.

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One of the villagers said, "We have informed the BDO. He said that he would look into the matter. But we are afraid that we will not get the money due to the discrimination made by the government officials and influential people."

Tensions erupted in the BDO office premises due to the protests of the villagers. Eventually, the situation came under control with the assurance of BDO.