There was a stir in West Midnapore when the carcass of an elephant was found in a fishing net. Locals saw the carcass of an elephant cub in the Tamal river in Goaltore at 7 am on Saturday (September 12). Instead of fish, the dead body of an elephant was found in a fishing net.

According to reports, there has been a herd of about 30 elephants in several villages including Dharampur and Kadamdiha near Goaltore forest for several days. In addition to the violence caused by the elephants in the villages adjacent to the forest, the crops of the land were also damaged. The herd of elephants split into two groups on Friday night (September 11).

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During the night, the herd of elephants was crossing the Tiasa river in search of food. It is being estimated by the forest department that the baby elephant had fallen into the river while crossing.

In the morning, the villagers found that a single black thing was stuck inside the fishing net in the middle of the Tiasa river. The villagers went near the fishing net and saw that an elephant cub was lying dead. The dead elephant cub was brought to the river bank by the villagers.

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The Tiasa River is overflowing due to the continuous rains of the last few days and the release of water in the Kangsavati canal. The water was rapidly flowing in the river. The elephant cub crossed the river with the herd of elephants and was swept away by the water. The information has been given to the forest department and Goaltore police station.

On the other hand, another elephant entered the village of Palashia in Medinipur Sadar and started destructing the village. Panic spread in the area due to the incident. Farmers fear that the elephant will destroy the crops. Later, the villagers took the initiative and sent the elephant into the forest.