Popular as Lath mar, which means hit with the stick this is one of the favourite festivals of women. Thus, women are armed with lathis (means sticks) and gather in a large number and can hit any man they come across in the specified place.


The festival is celebrated in remembrance of an incident related to Krishna and Radha. According to the legend, goes that Krishna had visited Radha and had teased her and her friends. As a reaction, women of Barsana women had chased him away.


Thus, keeping this incident in mind, the people of Barsana make sure to repeat this and men from Nandgaon visit Barsana every year and get chased by women by sticks. Those who manage to run away are safe, but those are caught by women get beatings. These men are made to wear women’s clothes and dance in public.


Barsana village has the only temple in India for Radha known as the Radha Rani temple.