Subramaniyan Swamy is back with a bang!  Immediately after Rajinikanth addressed his fans at the meet-and-greet function and spoke about his intentions of joining politics, BJP leader Subramanium Swamy built an opinion about the entire thing. In other words, he asked Rajinikanth to stay out of politics as he was not "well-educated".

Swami also said that Rajini has no "clear-cut ideology". "He has been with various parties and has no ideology. Rajini is a mere distraction," he further added. Taking a dig at the movie star, Swamy said that movie stars are adept at giving statements as their dialogues are written by somebody else. Swamy also said that Rajini's following is a cult following and does not have any ideological basis.

In 1996, the 66-year old actor had supported the DMK-TMC alliance in Tamil Nadu, but did not have any political activity since then. Addressing 700 people at the function organised at Chennai's Raghavendra Wedding Hall, Rajinikanth said, "I have no political aspiration, but will join politics if it's God will".

He also said that although he had no political ambitions, he was often dragged into political discussions. He also stressed that he is neither an influential political leader nor a social activist.