There were many reports from different agencies claiming that the migrant labourers hailing from Amethi, employed by a contractor in Karuvarakundu, in Wayanad Constituency received help from Smriti Irani, But Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan categorically denied those reports during his press meet on Wednesday. He said that the migrant labourers were fed by their contractor and no such help from the BJP minister reached them.

The reports published in some media outlets spoke about Smriti Irani learning about the starvation of labourers from her constituency through the RSS NGO Sevabharathi. The NGO office bearers apparently informed V Muraleedharan's office of the situation and this information travelled to Smriti Irani.

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The workers lodged in a refugee camp set up in Karuvarakundu also refuted the claims of the reports and said that they were being fed by the contractor and there was no such help from Smriti Irani and that they were being fed well by the contractors.

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The CM said that the contractor named Afsal Karuvarakund was responsible for the 41 labourers in question. They were first offered food from the community kitchen, but they refused to accept it and said they are happy to receive groceries and rice instead, which was later supplied by the local self-governance authorities. He however confirmed that the labourers were unhappy to stay in the quarters and wanted to head home instead, which was impossible as of now due to the lockdown.