Security breach at IGI airport: SpiceJet passenger boards plane with a knife

First Published 15, Sep 2017, 3:29 PM IST
Security breach at IGI airport A SpiceJet passenger boarded plane with a knife
  • The man himself told the cabin crew that he was carrying a kitchen knife.
  • Since the flight had not taken off, he was offloaded and necessary security procedures were followed.
  • It was a Goa-bound flight.

In what could be considered a glaring mistake by security officials at the IGI airport, a passenger was found with a knife in his hand baggage when the plane was about to take off. The man was, however, deboarded after he himself told the cabin crew that he was carrying a knife. This incident took place on Thursday.

According to a statement issued by SpiceJet, a passenger on a Delhi-Goa flight reported to the cabin crew that he had a kitchen knife in his hand baggage. Since the aircraft had not taken off by that time, the airline staff immediately brought the matter to the attention of the CISF, following which the passenger was offloaded and handed over to the airport police. The flight took off after necessary checks as per the regulatory guidelines.

However, this is not a solo case of security breach in the airport. Although, not similar to the one mentioned above, the airport authorities had reported two trespassing cases in 10 days in the month of April. In both the cases, apparently, the persons who had illegally entered the airside did what they did out of curiosity.

In one case a man had scaled the boundary and jumped towards the runway. In another case, a man entered the runway from the technical gate, which is considered as a potential threat. The boundry walls in this area are not properly covered. On April 13, again, a 30-year-old man started walking toward the runway before being caught by the IAF.