Rashtra Raksha Yagna by BJP to get away from bad omen: Will this be of any help for people or leaders?

First Published 17, Jan 2018, 6:53 PM IST
Rashtra Raksha Yagna by BJP to get away from bad omen Will this be of any help for people or leaders
  • With Karnataka elections 2018 nearing, BJP is likely to organise Mahayagna in praise of the Goddess of ruling administration apparently to save people
  • The yagna is named 'Rashtra Raksha Yagna'
  • However as the yagna is about ruling and administration, it is more likely to help the leaders (even if it helps) than the people
  • Here are the details of the Yagna and the event

The BJP is all set to save the nation with its Rashtra Raksha Yagna, which interestingly comes with a slogan “Aao ek sankalp lein, aao ek aahuti dein (Come, let's take an oath and make an offering)! 

According to details available, Delhi BJP MP Mahesh Giri will be organising the Mahayagna, which is likely to be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party chief Amit Shah and the chief ministers of BJP-ruled states. The Yagna might be organised in March close to the Red Fort.

But the country should be saved from who and what kind of ahuti are we talking about? Is there going to be a sacrifice made to save the nation?

The party has not specified the reasons for the Yagna yet. But it is said that it is being conducted ahead of Karnataka Assembly elections in 2018 and Lok Sabha elections in 2019. 

However, the timing of the 'mahayagna' is quite interesting as BJP is gearing up for a fight to retain power in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and also working towards defeating Congress in Karnataka. And that makes one question if the yagna is to save people or win the netas their seats to power?

But for more details on the Mahayagna, one will have to wait till January 22, when the party leaders will officially announce the grand event.

It is said that the party leaders are arranging the religious event in praise of goddess of the ruling administration.

It looks like, no one cares about the people and their problems but are ready to organise grand events, even if it is of religious importance to hold on to power. So the mahayagna can prepare the leaders for the mahayudh - the election battleground!