When the country is going gaga over women's empowerment and education of girl child, here's a magazine released by the Rajasthan Education Department suggesting stereotypical methods for women to stay fit. According to a report by the Republic, it has suggested women to grind flour, fill water pitchers and sweep and mop floors to stay healthy and fit.

It, however, does not forget to mention that these are simple, daily life ways to stay fit. The magazine Shivira is primarily meant for schoolteachers, featuring articles on education, great personalities and issues of general interest. However, the November edition carried these instructions under the heading ‘Swasth rahne ke saral upaay’ (Simple ways of staying fit). 

The third point in the list of 14 instructions suggest that women should grind flour, fill water pitchers and sweep and mop the floors for a good exercise. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the department has found itself in the midst of controversy. Earlier this year, a chapter on balanced diet suggested participants to chant a six-line mantra before consuming food. It also said that eating meat causes a lot of harm to the body.