Patna (Bihar): Ink was thrown at Union minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey on Tuesday while he was visiting dengue patients at Patna Medical College and Hospital.

The minister of state for health and family welfare, however said, "Media was attacked with ink and few drops spilled over me," Choubey said.

Minister also said that it was an attack by criminal-minded people against the public, democracy and the fourth pillar of democracy.


The incident was reported during Choubey's visit to Patna Medical College and when he was greeting people. The man who threw ink has not been identified yet.

The reason for the same is not known. He threw ink at the minister as he turned away. The ink spilled over his waistcoat and also the car, and the perpetrator managed to escape from the spot.

Patna is currently witnessing a rise in cases of dengue. As per the report from the Haryana health department, as many as 900 dengue cases have been registered in Patna since September. The disease is said to be caused by heavy downpour and deluge Patna is facing since over a month.  

(With ANI Inputs)