The Maoists are active again in Purulia district of Jangalmahal. Maoist posters were seen in Purulia near the Jharkhand border. However, people are finding many Maoist posters in different parts of the district. 

In the Maoist posters, many TMC leaders’ names were written. Threats to the state government are also being found in the posters. The Maoists are demanding lakhs of rupees from the Bengal government.

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Lok Sabha elections are approaching in Bengal. Earlier, detectives were worried about the recovery of Maoist posters in the neighboring state of Jharkhand. Maoist posters were recovered at various places in Purulia after Durga Puja. 

Recently, on November 20, police found a poster with the name of Maoist in front of the gate of Jiudaru High School in Kotshila police station. On the other hand, another poster was found earlier this month in Brajpur village of Jhalda police station. From the posters that ere recovered by police, the Maoists demanded Rs 5 lakh from the coal depot. The poster was written threatening the owner of the depot.

Posters bearing the Maoist name read, “'I want revenge on Kishanji'. State government beware. Police team beware. Hirma is in Bengal”. 

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A source close to the intelligence claimed that Hirma was a branch of the Maoists in Chhattisgarh. The word 'CPI Maoist' was written at the end of the poster. Detectives say that the spelling 'Maoist' has been misspelled in the poster. Since then, it has been speculated that Maoists are deliberately spreading Maoist terror in the area.

Police have stepped up surveillance at the Jharkhand border due to the continuous recovery of Maoist posters.