In a gruesome act, an unemployed man allegedly beaten and strangulated his 76-year-old mother to death in Sagarpur in south-west Delhi. The man who turned himself to police later did this because his mother refused to go to an old-age home. 

According to a Hindustan Times report, the man used a mouldable plastic pipe to strangulate his mother, then sat next to her dead body and cried as he ‘repented’ the crime later, the daily quoted police as saying. He then called up the police and surrendered. 

As per the Hindu report, the man called up police and said, “I have killed my mother" who then arrived at the spot to find the dead body on the floor. 

The man has been identified as Laxman Kumar Naidu who reportedly ‘demanded’ his mother to leave the house as he is unable to ‘afford’ to provide for her. He asked her to go to an old-age home, but the victim refused. 

Laxman told interrogators that he was undergoing depression treatment; the Hindustan Times quoted a senior Delhi police official as saying. The police are yet to verify this fact, and if he was indeed going through depression, then his punishment will be lesser. 

Laxman was unemployed and was living with his mother after his wife left him. According to neighbours, he regularly fought with his mother, and on the day of the incident, he attacked the old woman with a brick. He said this is the only option left for him, the daily quoted police as saying.