Thiruvananthapuram: A document regarding  United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) consular attaché asking the Kerala gold smuggling case accused Faisal Fareed to send diplomatic baggage is out.

The attaché Rashid Khamis Al Ashmiya in a letter to the airline had said that Fareed would send the cargo in his absence.

The letter was sent to Sky Cargo company of Dubai. Customs department received the letter which attaché has sent.

Meanwhile, customs will check whether the letter was forged by Fareed himself.

Interpol has issued a lookout notice against Fareed. The action was taken after India's request.

Reports said that the diplomatic baggage found in Thiruvananthapuram airport, in connection with the gold smuggling case, was sent by Fareed. However, Fareed has denied having any role to play in the case.

Attaché Rashid left India some days ago as the investigation into the case progressed.

The bag containing the gold, which accused Swapna Suresh and Sarith allegedly tried to smuggle, was in the name of the attaché at the UAE Consulate. It is also reported that the attaché had attempted to ensure that diplomatic baggage was not opened by officials.