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Kerala Day 2023: Know history, significance, celebration and more

Kerala Day or Kerala Pirvai, also known as Kerala Formation Day, is an important annual event celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala on November 1st. It is an opportunity for the people of Kerala to come together, celebrate their culture and heritage, and reflect on the progress the state has made since its formation. It's a day of unity, cultural expression, and pride for the residents of "God's Own Country."

Kerala Day: Know history, significance, celebration and more anr
First Published Nov 1, 2023, 7:39 AM IST

The southern state of India, Kerala also known as God's Own Country is celebrating its 67th formation day today. The state of Kerala was formed officially on November 1, 1956. long after the Independence of India. There were three main provinces and a number of smaller areas ruled by different rulers prior to this. The people of Kerala celebrate Kerala Day or Kerala Piravi with much pomp and pleasure.

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Kerala was split into four regions until 1956: Malabar, Cochin, Travancore, and South Canara (Kasaragod area).

Malabar includes parts of Thrissur and Cochin, as well as the northern and north-central regions surrounding Cannanore, Calicut, Malappuram, and Palakkad. The Zamorin of Calicut, the Kingdom of Arakkal, Kolathunadu, the Kingdom of Tanur, the Kingdom of Valluvanad, and a few other minor feudal rulers dominated this region before to Tipu Sultan's conquest. 

The Anglo-Mysore Wars saw it ceded to the British East India Company, which then annexed it to the British Bombay Presidency before the Madras Presidency took its place. Up until its integration into the Union Territory of Puducherry in the early 1950s, the coastal town of Mahe was a French enclave.

The central area included the Thrissur-administrated former Kingdom of Cochin. The Kingdom of Travancore, with its capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, was the province with the southernmost location. The Travancore Kingdom had supremacy over its administration, while Cochin had been a vassal state of the British Raj.

Travancore and Cochin, two regions of India, were combined on July 1, 1949, to form Travancore–Cochin (Thiru-Kochi), following the partition of India in 1947 into India and Pakistan. The Aikya Kerala Movement, a popular movement that aimed to create the State of Kerala, served as the impetus for the state's linguistic restructuring.

Under the terms of the States Reorganisation Act, the Malayalam-speaking taluks of Kasargod in the South Canara district of Madras, the Malabar district of Madras, and Travancore-Cochin amalgamated to become the state of Kerala on November 1, 1956, with the exception of the four southern taluks, which joined Tamil Nadu. With the first elections for the new Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1957, E. M. S. Namboodiripad led a Communist-dominated government. Following the Communist victory in the Republic of San Marino elections in 1945, it was one of the first elected Communist governments.

Significance of Kerala Day or Kerala Piravi:

Kerala Day is a day of pride and celebration for the people of Kerala. It symbolizes the unity of the Malayalam-speaking people and their unique cultural and linguistic identity.
It's an occasion to remember the efforts and sacrifices made by leaders and activists who advocated for the formation of the state.


This year, the Kerala government under Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has organised a week-long celebration "Keraleeyam " to showcase the rich history and achievements of Kerala, promises to be an extravaganza of culture, knowledge, and festivities. The motto of this grand event is to highlight the remarkable achievements and awards that have shaped Kerala's history. The celebration that will be organised in the capital city Thiruvananthapuram, is expected to be a memorable spectacle for both residents and visitors.

Kerala Day: Know history, significance, celebration and more anr

Special programs will be organized from Kowdiar to East Fort in Thiruvananthapuram. The main attraction of the event will be a series of seminars conducted by renowned professors, experts, and individuals from various departments, shedding light on Kerala's illustrious journey. 25 seminars and 10 exhibitions will be lined up over five days including book fairs and flower shows.

The inauguration of Keralayam 2023 will be held today at 10 a.m. at the Thiruvananthapuram Central Stadium on the occasion of Kerala Day. The Chief Minister informed that the inauguration ceremony will be attended by diplomatic representatives of countries like UAE, South Korea, Norway, and Cuba, film stars Kamal Haasan, Mammootty, Mohanlal, Shobhana, Manju Warrier, industrialists MA Yusuf Ali and Ravi Pillai. The Chief Minister said that this festival of the Malayalees is an opportunity to confidently present the uniqueness of Kerala to the world.

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