Gadag: A soldier who was injured during the attack on Indian Parliament on September 13, 2001 is currently working as a security guard in a private company in Gadag.

He shared his experience on the occasion of 18 years of attack on the Indian Parliament.

Shivaputrappa Barakera, who hails from Hombala village in Gadag taluk had got injured while fighting the terrorists who had attacked Indian Parliament 18 years ago.

Shivaputrappa started his career as a soldier in CRPF in 1984. During the attack on Parliament, Shivaputrappa fought with the terrorists for 12 hours that left at least 10 soldiers and eight terrorists dead. Shivaputrappa said that at least 17 people were injured with gunshots.

Shivaputrappa himself was injured with 5 gunshots. His right hand, left leg and back were injured. He had fired 120 bullets. As his leg was injured, he still has problem while walking.

Speaking to Kannada Prabha, Shivaputrappa said that he has received  the compensation promised by the  government. But as he did not want to waste time at home, he works as a security guard at a private company.

Remembering the day of the attack, Shivaputrappa said, "I get furious whenever I think of that day. I am proud that I got a chance to fight the terrorists. I retired from Army in 2010. As I was injured I cannot walk properly, but otherwise, I have no problem."