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Karnataka: Did KEA scandal Kingpin alter identity to evade police?

RD Patil, the mastermind behind the KEA scandal, narrowly escaped police custody by taking refuge in an apartment under a false identity. Surveillance footage suggests potential police involvement in facilitating his escape, prompting inquiries. The Ministry of Home Affairs is investigating a police sub-inspector (PSI) for possible assistance. The Kalaburagi police are determined to apprehend Patil.

Karnataka: Did KEA scandal Kingpin alter identity to evade police? vkp
First Published Nov 8, 2023, 3:25 PM IST

The elusive mastermind behind the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) scandal, RD Patil, narrowly escaped police custody and took refuge in the upscale Mahalakshmi apartment located in Kalaburgi’s Vardhan Nagar on Jewargi Road. It has been uncovered that Patil entered the Mahalakshmi Group's Lemon Tree multi-storey apartment as an ordinary tenant, masking his true identity.

Patil, who had been residing in flat 103 of Block A within the Mahalakshmi apartment, successfully dodged law enforcement's grasp. He had rented the flat from its owner, Shankar Gowda, hailing from Patil Shahapur. What's more, Patil had resorted to a cunning stratagem by changing his name from Rudragowda to Basavaraja when seeking to rent the apartment.

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Under the pseudonym Basavaraj Patil, he secured the flat by paying an advance of 10,000 rupees and moved in at 11 p.m. on November 5. His occupancy continued until 1 p.m. the following day. However, upon learning that the police had discovered his whereabouts and were closing in, Patil made a daring escape by leaping from the rear of the complex. Remarkably, he managed to flee within a mere hour and two minutes of the police's arrival.

Questions have arisen regarding how Patil, who was within city limits, managed to elude the police's radar. Was there a tip-off that allowed him to make his escape unhindered? These inquiries have become the subject of intense scrutiny.

The circumstances surrounding Patil's escape have taken an unexpected turn, as surveillance footage captured him engaged in a mobile phone conversation while on the run. This development has given rise to speculations about whether the police played a role in facilitating his escape. Did the police contact Patil and instruct him to flee the scene? These recorded conversations have cast doubt on the matter.

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In response to these revelations, it has come to light that the Ministry of Home Affairs, along with senior police authorities, closely monitored the actions and phone communications of the police sub-inspector (PSI) suspected of assisting Patil in his escape. Following a phone call, Patil swiftly made his exit from the apartment, jumping into the compound. As a result, the Ministry of Home Affairs has directed the Commissioner of Police to initiate an inquiry into the actions of the PSI, further intensifying the suspicions surrounding the police's involvement.

Despite these developments, the Kalaburagi police remain committed to their pursuit of RD Patil, the elusive figure at the heart of the KEA scandal.

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