Davanagere: BJP leader MP Renukacharya made another controversial statement by stating that he will cut all facilities given to minorities in the Honnali Assembly constituency in Karnataka as they "have not voted for him in the elections.

"They did not vote for me in the 2018 elections, and I am sure that they will not vote for me in future as well. That's why I want to find places where they live in the constituency, and I will cut the facilities given to them in Honnali," Renukacharya said in a public meeting in his constituency.

"My agenda is to make my constituency saffronised in the future. I do not ask Muslims to vote for me," he added.

Reacting to Renukacharya's comments, former chief minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah has said that the state leaders are following the example set by the Prime Minister.

"To hide their mischievous acts, incapable Narendra Modi keeps on chanting Pakistan's name and BJP leaders in Karnataka are following in the footsteps of the Delhi leaders. They are speaking like this to create communal tension, and it seems they have lost their mental stability," Siddaramaiah said.

When Asianet Newsable contacted the BJP leaders for their comments on this matter, they refused to speak.