Gadag: Lately, the number of deaths due to the fear of Covid-19 has become more than the number of deaths due to the virus itself.

Similarly, a 40-year-old man from Gadag committed suicide on Thursday night after testing positive for Covid-19.

The deceased has been identified as 40-year-old Basavaraj Eelager from Doni village in Mundargi Taluk of Gadag district.

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On Thursday Basvaraj got himself tested at the Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), after developing symptoms of Covid-19. 

After Basavaraj got his swab reports and the results showed he was positive, the 40-year-old jumped from the fourth floor of the Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences hospital and died on the spot.

While the reason for suicide is still not officially stated by the police, sources close to the deceased claim that he committed suicide fearing Covid-19.

A case has been registered at Mundargi Taluk Police Station, and the officials are looking into it.